Where is Grey Hawk Storage located?
Grey Hawk Storage is located at 935 S 50th St West, Des Moines, IA 50266.

What are the office hours?
The office is open Monday - Friday between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturdays between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We’re closed on Sundays.

When can I access my storage unit?

What security features do you offer?
Our facility has about three dozen video cameras surrounding the facility, allowing us to monitor all facility activity 24/7.

Do You Sell Packing and Moving Supplies
Yes! We practically give them away.

Item Price With 7% Sales Tax Small Moving Box 6 5/8x12 5/8x12 5/8 $1.61 Medium Moving Box 18 1/8 x 18 x 16 $2.14 Large Moving Box 18”x18”x24” $2.68 Xtra Large Moving Box 24”x18”x 24” $3.21 Book Box $1.87 Lamp Box $4.28 Grand Wardrobe Box $11.77 Shorty Wardrobe Box $10.70 Wardrobe Space Saver Box. $10.70 Large Mirror and Picture Box. $6.42 Regular Mirror and Picture Box $5.08 Picture Packer Corners Kit $4.82 UHAUL TV Kit (up to 70”) $21.40 Sport Utility Box $6.15 Dish Saver Kit $12.84 Glass Saver Kit $12.84 Cell Kit $9.63 5” x 1000’ Stretch Film $5.89 15” x 1000’ Stretch Film. $14.18 200 Sheets of Packing Paper $12.84 Paper Pads $5.35 Anti-Static Flat Screen TV Cover. $2.68 Carpet Film Protector $10.70 12”x100’ Dispenser large bubble wrap $18.19 12”x150’ Dispenser small bubble wrap $18.19 Packing Peanuts $5.89 Foam Cushion Sheets $4.82 Quilted MOVING BLANKET $11.77 Forearm Forklift Moving Straps $21.40 Love Seat Cover $3.21 Sofa Cover $3.48 Comforter Bag  $3.75 Dust Cover $4.28 Chair Cover  $3.75 Twin Mattress Bag $2.94 Twin Pillow Top Mattress Bag $3.48 Full Mattress Bag $3.48 Queen Mattress Bag $3.75 Queen Pillow Top Mattress Bag $4.82 King Mattress Bag  $4.55 King Pillow Top Mattress Bag  $5.62 Rope - 3/16” x 50’ Tie Down Rope $2.68 Brown Packing Tape - 55 yards $4.28 Clear Packing Tape $2.14 (2) Packaging Tape Rolls w/dispenser $4.28 Tape Gun Dispenser with tape $7.76 Keyed 2” Value Padlock $6.69 Keyed Disc Lock $10.70 4 Pin to 7 Pin Trailer Adapter $10.70 2” Towing Adapter w/ball $24.61 4 way Flat Wiring for Car and Trailer Ends $5.35 Hitch Pen and Clip $2.14
How do I pay my storage bill?
Pay your storage bill online anytime you would like using a debit or credit card or stop by the office during business hours to pay in person.

Am I required to store long-term?
Never. We offer flexible lease options. Store with us short or long-term. No unrealistic commitments.

Do you offer climate-controlled units?
We do offer climate-controlled storage units. Store all of your environmentally-sensitive items with us and never worry about mold, mildew, rust, corrosion, and other possible damage that may be caused by freezing temperatures and humidity.

Do you offer insurance?
At this time (August 2021) we are working with an insurance company and will be offering insurance to all renters in the coming weeks. If you have your own insurance, that is great. Renters insurance is very inexpensive and if purchased through a local agent will cover more than our in-house insurance will cover, but our in-house insurance will have low rates and great coverages.

Call For More Info:

We offer storage for fine wines with your cooler and a 12 month reservation to help cover the cost of putting power in your unit. Your intended use will determine cost.

We offer storage for safes with unloaded guns. You can also store your ammo as long as its personal use only.

We can work with you to drop power into your unit with a 12 month rental or more. This can take 2-3 weeks to get installed so think ahead. Your intended use will determine cost.